Beta Program Guide: Adobe XD + Abstract

Abstract has announced the public beta launch of an integration with Adobe XD. You can now version and manage Adobe XD files alongside Sketch files in Abstract.

Supported functionality

Because our support of Adobe XD files is in public beta, full Abstract functionality is not yet available. We currently support the following Abstract functions with Adobe XD files: 

Our support of Sketch and Adobe XD files relies on each company’s respective API. Due to differences in the Sketch and Adobe APIs, your experience of each file type may vary. 

How to enable the Adobe XD integration

To use Adobe XD with Abstract, the Admin in your Organization must enable Adobe XD file support for the entire Organization.

An image of the Adobe XD beta toggle ON in the Admin Permissions Dashboard

To enable the Adobe XD integration:

  1. Click Permissions from the left side pane in Abstract.
  2. Under “Adobe XD beta”, click to toggle on the beta. 
  3. Restart the Abstract desktop app. 

You and all Contributors on your team can now add Adobe XD files to your projects as normal.

How to share feedback on the Adobe XD beta

Because we are still in beta, we want feedback about your experience with the Adobe XD integration. In particular, we’d like to hear about:

  • Are there any discrepancies between your XD files and their previews in Abstract?
  • Have you lost any work? 
  • Has Abstract failed to reflect any changes in your Commits? 
  • Has anything occurred that has blocked you from working (e.g. previews aren’t generating, syncing has slowed or stopped, any type of discrepancy between your files and Abstract)?
  • Have you experienced any errors?

Contact support to share your experience or report a bug.