Update to the newest version of Abstract

We recommend using the most recent versions of Abstract and Sketch for the best app performance and stability. However, we can't guarantee Abstract's performance with Sketch Beta versions, so we recommend sticking with a regular, full Sketch version.

Specifically, your entire design team should be using Sketch 94.1 or newer, to prevent compatibility issues with earlier versions. 


There are two ways to update to the latest version: 

Using the Update Available Button

  1. Click theScreenbutton in the top right corner of the Abstract app window. 
  2. Click Install & Restart Abstract. 
  3. Your app will restart, and you now have the latest version.  

If the  Update Available  button does not work, or is not clickable, you can use the menu bar on your Mac to update your app. 

Using the File Menu

  1. Click on Abstract in the Apple menu bar, usually located at the top of your screen. 
  2. Click Restart and Install Update. 
  3. Your app will restart, and you now have the latest version.  


For release notes about our latest version, check here: Abstract Release Notes