Beta program guide: Adobe XD + Abstract

Beta program closed

Since launching the Adobe XD beta, we’ve decided to discontinue working on this integration in favor of other features and products. If you are interested in Adobe XD support for Notebooks, we would love to hear from you.

If you are already using Abstract with Adobe XD, you can continue using the current integration with no changes. While we support critical bugs, but we will not release new features or support new versions of Adobe XD beyond v32. 

New installations of the Abstract mac app and plugin for use with Adobe XD are no longer available as of November 23, 2020.

Supported functionality

Because our support of Adobe XD files was in beta, full Abstract functionality is not yet available. We currently support the following Abstract functions with Adobe XD files: 

Our support of Sketch and Adobe XD files relies on each company’s respective API. Due to differences in the Sketch and Adobe APIs, your experience of each file type may vary. 

You may notice that previews of Adobe XD files open in a new window. This is due to limitations with the current Adobe XD API. For now, please manually close the preview windows that automatically appear after you commit.

Share feedback on the Adobe XD beta

We want feedback about your experience with the Adobe XD integration. In particular, we’d like to hear about:

  • Are there any discrepancies between your XD files and their previews in Abstract?
  • Have you lost any work? 
  • Has Abstract failed to reflect any changes in your commits? 
  • Has anything occurred that has blocked you from working (e.g. previews aren’t generating, syncing has slowed or stopped, any type of discrepancy between your files and Abstract)?
  • Have you experienced any errors?

Contact support to share your experience or report a bug.