The Abstract plugin

When you open Sketch files through Abstract, the Abstract plugin appears at the bottom of your Sketch window. The plugin is automatically installed when you download the Abstract macOS app.

The Abstract plugin in Sketch

Use the Sketch plugin to commit changes from your Sketch files to Abstract. You can move the plugin by clicking the Abstract logo on the plugin.

Sketch error: Could not connect to Abstract plugin

This error can happen when you attempt to open a Sketch file through Abstract. If Sketch crashes, it relaunches in Safe Mode. When this happens, Sketch disables all plugins until you manually relaunch the program.

You can resolve the "Could not connect to Abstract plugin" by restarting both Abstract and Sketch to re-enable your plugins. If this error continues, you may need to uninstall and reinstall the Abstract plugin. 

To uninstall and reinstall the plugin:

  1. Quit Abstract.
  2. Launch Sketch.
  3. Select Plugins > Manage Plugins
  4. Right click Abstract
  5. Select Uninstall Abstract > Move to Trash
  6. Relaunch Abstract and attempt to open your file.

If these steps do not resolve this, please contact Support with a copy of the debug logs.

What to do when Sketch crashes

When Sketch crashes, it could be Abstract, Sketch, or another Sketch plugin.

Please send debug logs to our Support team for help.

The Abstract plugin for in Adobe XD is no longer available

New installations of the Abstract mac app and plugin for use with Adobe XD are no longer available as of November 23, 2020.