Transfer a project

Transfer a project

Projects that are created in one organization can easily be transferred to another organization by an admin who is also a member of the receiving organization. 

Transferring projects is helpful for teams that need to consolidate projects from different organizations or separate projects into other organizations.


To transfer a project:

  1. Open the Abstract web app.
  2.  Go to the organization where the project you’d like to transfer currently lives by selecting it in the dropdown menu in Abstract titlebar.
  3. Select PROJECTS from the left side pane.
  4. Select the project you’d like to transfer from the organization page.
  5. Click "..." next to the project name and select PROJECT SETTINGS.
  7. Select where you’d like to transfer the project to.

Project access after transferring

The project will now show up in the organization you transferred it to. Also, all members of the receiving organization will be able to see the transferred project. Previous project members will not be able to access the project unless they are also members of the receiving organization.

Once you’ve transferred a project, you can make the project private and/or invite guests to join if you’re on a Pro or Enterprise plan.

All branches in the project will transfer with the project but you may need to transfer the branch ownership if the branch creator is not in the receiving organization.