Archive or delete a branch

About branches

In Abstract, a branch is where you can safely explore and edit designs on your own working copy of the master. This is where all of your work and progress is tracked while it is ongoing and how past work is recorded for later reference. Archiving or deleting a branch should happen rarely, when you are certain that you will no longer be moving forward on that work.

We always recommend that you archive branches instead of deleting them, because archived work is easily recoverable if you need to access it later. If a branch is stale, we recommend archiving that branch.

Deleting a branch deletes it forever. Deleted branches are unrecoverable. Archiving a branch stores it in the branch archive in case you'd like to reference it later.

How to delete or archive a branch

To delete or archive a branch:

  1. Open the Abstract desktop app.
  2. Select the project with the branch you’d like to archive / delete.
  3. Select Branches from the left side pane.
  4. Select the branch you'd like to archive / delete. 
  5. Click the ... menu at the top.
  6. Select Archive or Delete....