Troubleshoot your commits

Sometimes when you commit, you may see way more changes being committed than you expected. This can happen for one of three reasons: 

Another plugin changed the metadata on your file

Abstract relies on metadata to identify changes, so when your files’ metadata changes you’ll see changed artboards. To figure out which plugin has changed the metadata on your files, you can toggle them on / off:

  1. In Sketch, click the Plugins menu.
  2. Select Manage Plugins.
  3. Uncheck plugins to toggle them OFF.

If you still need help, send a bug report to Support.

The Sketch plugins Runner and Anima commonly cause this problem, so try turning those off first.

You updated to a new version of Sketch

Updating to a new version of Sketch often impacts the metadata on your files. Files with updated metadata show as changed.

You changed a symbol

If you change a Library symbol, every artboard where that symbol is used shows as changed. You can tell whether an artboard was changed or just a symbol by the color of the icon in the Commit flow. A blue icon indicates an artboard has changed. A grey icon indicates a Symbol has changed.

File a bug report for unexpected artboard changes

To file a report:

  1. In Abstract, click the Help menu.
  2. Select Toggle Development Menu.
  3. In the commit window, hover over an artboard that was unexpectedly updated.
  4. Click the More Options icon.
  5. Hover over Development.
  6. Select Open Debugging Diff. A webpage with lots of code opens.
  7. From the File menu in your browser, click Save.
  8. Send this saved file to Support.