Resolve conflicts

Update from master

As you design using Abstract, you may be prompted to Update from Master. This means that you or someone on your team has merged their branch to master and your branch now differs from master. You’ll need to pull their changes into your branch by updating from master.


Watch our "Learn Abstract Version Control" YouTube video series for in-depth explanations of updating from master and resolving merge conflicts.

What to do about conflicts

When you update from master, you may encounter conflicts between the designs on your branch and the designs on master. Abstract surfaces these differences and lets you choose which artboard(s) you’d like to keep.

For example, let's say your branch contains artboards with an orange triangle, purple circle, and yellow square. master, on the other hand, has those same artboards with a blue triangle, red circle, and green square.

In order to update from master, you’ll need to decide which artboards you’d like to keep. You can choose to resolve conflicts one-by-one or in batches.

How to view conflicts with overlay mode

In addition to a side by side comparison, you can overlay two versions of a given artboard when updating from master or a parent branch. When comparing the versions, it will only show the conflicts.

To view the artboards in overlay mode, select Overlay from the drop down menu and follow the steps to resolve the conflicts.


How to resolve conflicts individually

For each conflict, you can choose individual artboards to keep by clicking Pick Layer below the artboard you want. Continue this process until all conflicts are resolved.

Once all conflicts are resolved, you'll be prompted to commit.

How to batch resolve conflicts

When resolving multiple conflicts, you have the option to choose batches of artboards to keep. You must choose either everything on master or everything on your current branch.

There are three options for batch resolving conflicts:

  • All items on this page
  • All items in this file
  • All items in this update

After making your selection, you will be prompted to confirm and commit.

You can find more in-depth detail about resolving conflicts by reading our merging best practices guide.