Update a library

While we are in public beta for our Adobe XD integration, we do not fully support Adobe XD library files.

To update a library:

  1. Create a branch from the library file.
  2. Make desired changes to the library in Sketch or Adobe XD.
  3. Select File > Save.
  4. Click Commit Changes at the bottom of your Sketch window or in the Adobe XD plugins panel.
  5. Go back to the Abstract desktop app.
  6. Merge the branch to the main branch.

Anyone using this library is notified that there's an update available.

Library updates notification

When library components in your file are updated, Sketch give you a Library Updates Available notification. Click on the notification to bring up the component updates dialog.

To see what’s changed, select a component and check the checkbox if you want to update it in your file. If you don’t want to update a specific component, uncheck it. When you’re done, click Update Components.



Adobe XD provides a blue link icon next to any component that’s been changed. You can preview the updates in the assets panel and on the canvas by hovering over the blue link icon next to the Component. You can accept the update to an individual component by clicking the blue link icon, or you can accept all component updates by clicking Update All.