Designers and stakeholders collaborate on Projects inside of Organizations. Your Organization is your team's home for all design work.

If you’re the first person on your team to join Abstract, you’ll need to create your team’s Organization.

How to create an Organization

To create an Organization:

  1. Go to Abstract’s sign up page.
  2. Fill out the information requested.
  • Notes: 
  • Be sure to use the email address associated with the company that will be using Abstract.
  • To sign up for emails about our upcoming webinars and trainings, select Yes, I would like to receive email updates.
  2. Select Create a team.
  3. To use Abstract to version control only your personal design files, select Just the individual account.
  4. Click CONTINUE.
  5. Name your Organization.

How to migrate personal projects to an Organization

Once you've created or joined an Organization, you can transfer your projects from your personal workspace to the Organization.

How to rename your Organization

If you're the Admin of an Organization, you can rename the Organization.

To rename the Organization:

  1. Open the Abstract app (desktop or web).
  2. Select Organization Details in the left side pane.
  3. Edit the Organization's name.
  4. Click SAVE CHANGES in the top right corner.