Set up SCIM provisioning

This feature is only available on our Enterprise plan. Contact sales for more information. 

Part I: Generate SCIM login credentials

Before you set up SCIM provisioning, configure single-sign on using Okta.

Already have SCIM login credentials? Skip ahead to Part II: Configure SCIM provisioning with Okta.

Step 1: Generate an API token

Generate an API token to customize the curl command that generates your SCIM login credentials. 

  1. Login to the Abstract web app with your Admin credentials.
  2. Visit Abstract’s Tokens page.
  3. Select Create API Token and follow the prompts.
  4. Paste the resulting API token into your preferred text editor.

Step 2: Customize a curl command

Use your API token and your Org ID to create a curl command.

  1. Open the Abstract web app.
  2. Copy and paste the URL from your browser into your preferred text editor. 
  3. Copy this curl command and paste into the text editor: curl<org_id>/generate_scim_login -H "Authorization: Bearer <API_token>"

  4. In the text editor, copy the Org ID from the URL and replace the <org_id> in the curl command. The Org ID is the alphanumeric string that appears in the URL:<org_id>/projects
  5. Copy the API token and replace the <api_token> in the curl command that you previously pasted into the text editor.

Step 3: Run the custom curl command

Using the information you’ve gathered, run the custom curl command in Terminal to generate the SCIM login credentials. 

  1. Copy the entire customized curl command from your text editor.
  2. Open
  3. Paste the customized curl command into Terminal. 
  4. Press Return. 
  5. The Terminal replies with JSON that includes your username and password to store safely before you proceed to configuring SCIM provisioning with Okta.

Caution: Each time you run the curl command, it generates fresh, new SCIM login credentials. These credentials cannot be retrieved more than once.

Part II: Configure SCIM provisioning with Okta

To continue, follow the above steps in Part I: Generate SCIM login credentials.

Step 1: Configure API Integration in Okta

  1. In Okta, go to the Settings page, and select API Integration.
  2. Click Configure API Integration.
  3. Check the box next to Enable API Integration.
  4. Enter the SCIM login credentials you generated in Part I. These are not the same credentials you use to log in to Abstract. 
  5. Click Test API Credentials.
  6. Click Save.

Step 2: Configure “Provisioning To App” Settings in Okta

  1. In Okta, go to the Settings page, and select To App.
  2. Select which features you wish to enable:
  • Create Users
  • Update User Attributes
  • Deactivate Users
  1. Click Save.

Step 3: Assign the users you wish to provision

  1. In Okta, go to the Assignments page. 
  2. Click Assign.
  3. Choose the users you wish to provision.