Administrator roles are available with all paid plans. Administrators can occupy a viewer or contributor seat. They are responsible for managing the Abstract account for your team. They manage approval for new contributor seats, billing, integrations, organization details, etc.

A branch is a personal workspace for contributors in Abstract. A branch references file versions from the main branch that the contributor can edit and update with each commit before merging the final approved version back to the main branch. Since a branch is a personal workspace, the contributor who creates the branch has more editing permissions on that branch than other contributors in the project or organization.

A child branch references the files from its parent branch so that a contributor can create, edit, commit, and merge that work back to the main branch.

Collections are a tool you can use to present your work during design reviews and presentations. You can collect feedback from stakeholders using comments and annotations.

Contributor seats are priced per person and an unlimited number of contributors can be invited to projects for paid plans and are billed to the organization. Collaborators can create branches, edit files, make commits, merge branches, invite teammates, create projects, and more.

A guest is typically someone from outside of your organization who is invited to one or more specific projects. Oftentimes, guests are contractors or clients who only need to see a portion of your organization's work. A guest can be a viewer or a contributor. Guests can also be project administrators.

The main branch is a space in each project for finalized, approved versions of work. You can branch from the main branch to start work and you can merge to the main branch when you're ready.

A member is someone invited to your organization who is part of your team. Members have access to each project within an organization; members do not automatically have access to private projects. A member can be a viewer, contributor, or an administrator. Members can also be project administrators.

Merge to the main branch when you're ready to update the finalized, approved versions of your work. Merge after you've created a project, made a branch, and committed your work. Merging integrates the work you've done with the work that's already in the main branch.

A parent branch is a branch that has child branches.

Personal projects are only accessible in the personal workspace for each person with an Abstract account. They work just like projects. To access them, use the dropdown menu located in the center of the Abstract titlebar to select Your personal projects.

Private projects are available for organizations subscribed to the Pro or Enterprise plans. These are also used to organize work and initiatives for organizations. A private project is only accessible to members or guests who have been specifically invited to that project.

Projects are spaces each organization can create to organize their work and initiatives. Some organizations use projects to manage specific products or platforms and others use them to separate client work. A project is accessible to all members within their respective organizations. You can also invite guests to projects.

A project administrator is the person who creates a project, by default. Project administrators can add viewers to projects and private projects; they cannot add contributors to projects or private projects unless they are also an administrator for the organization.

A receiving organization refers to the organization you're transferring a project to. If you have a project in the Propeller organization that you want to transfer to the Abstract organization, the receiving organization is Abstract.

Viewer seats are free and unlimited. Viewers can view and comment on work on you’ve shared both in our desktop and web application. Viewers can also export files.