System requirements


We recommend a minimum of 4GB of RAM. For best performance, we suggest at least 8GB of RAM.

If you’re working with sizable files, such as ones involving many artboards, more RAM improves performance. 

Operating system

To help avoid performance and compatibility issues, we recommend macOS Catalina (10.15.6) for best performance.

To update your Mac operating system, please note hardware requirements for Catalina, and please follow Apple’s instructions to upgrade.

As Sketch is not supported on the Windows operating system, we do not offer a Branches desktop app for Windows. Windows users can still access the Abstract web app to view projects, collections, and notebooks.


You need a stable internet connection to be able to install and update the Abstract desktop app, as well for syncing your local machine to/from Abstract servers and for accessing the Abstract web app

If your connection is unstable or has periods of low bandwidth, syncing performance may be impacted. Internet with faster upload and download speeds can greatly improve syncing speeds between your local machine and our servers in the US-East region.

If you’re using a VPN or proxy to access the internet, please safelist the domains officially associated with Abstract.

Web browser

For best performance, we recommend using the latest version of the Google Chrome or Firefox browsers to access the Abstract web app.


To open files, make changes, and commit, you need to install Sketch and place it in your Applications folder. We support legacy versions of Sketch but recommend using the latest available version.

If you’re part of our Adobe XD beta, install Adobe XD and place it in your Applications folder.

If you plan to contribute to designs in Sketch or XD, you also need to install the Abstract desktop app and place it in your Applications folder.

Please make sure that there’s only one copy each of Sketch, Adobe XD, and Abstract in your Applications folder.

File size

We recommend importing files no larger than 250MB. Abstract performs best when individual files are smaller than 250MB, contain less than 2500 artboards, and have reduced complexity by way of fewer pages in a file.