Create a project

Projects are where you do your design work in Abstract. There are three types of projects: team projects, private projects, and personal projects.


To create a project:

  1. Open the Abstract app (desktop or web).
  2. In the left side pane, click on the organization name you want to create the project in.

If you want to create a personal project, select Your personal projects.

  1. Select New project in the top right corner. You must be online to create a new project.

If the New project button is greyed out, either you are offline or your role is set to viewer. Ask your Abstract admin to update your role to contributor. If you don’t see a button at all, click the Home button in the top left.

  1. In the Name section, title your project according to the guidelines your team laid out about how to organize projects. For example, if you decided to organize your projects by platform, you can title your project “Web.”
  2. Select a project Color if you want.
  3. If you’re on a Pro or Enterprise plan, you can make a private project by checking the box next to Make project private.

We recommend that projects stay public to your organization unless you have a reason to make the project private.

When you create a new Abstract project, the project isn't visible to your team until you add content to it by creating a branch or adding a file.

Now, you’re ready to add files to your project.

Types of projects

  • Team projects are where you collaborate with your organization on work together. Anyone in your organization can access team projects (unless you make them private ). You can invite guests to team projects.
  • Private projects are where you collaborate with specific individuals. Only members or guests who have been specifically invited can access private projects. (Private projects are only available to Pro and Enterprise plans.)
  • Personal projects are where you do work by yourself. Only you can access your personal projects. You can’t collaborate on personal projects. To access personal projects, click the dropdown menu in the center of the Abstract titlebar and select Your personal projects.