Change branch status

Statuses help you track the kind of work currently being done in the branch. The status options are:

  • No Status
  • Work in Progress
  • Open for Feedback
  • In Development
  • Paused
  • Request Review — This option guides you to request a design review.

Work with your team to develop documentation how your team should use the statuses and when it's appropriate to update the branch status.

To change your branch status:

  1. Open the Abstract desktop app

  2. Select the project that contains the branch you’d like to update

  3. Select Branches from the left side pane

  4. Select your branch you’d like to update

  5. Click the current status next to the branch name

  6. Select a status


Stale branches

Branches can have an additional status called “Stale.” This status is automatically added to any branch that you have not committed changes to for 30 days or more.

Stale branches are good conversation starters. When you see a stale branch, you should talk to the branch owner to determine:

  • Are there blockers that can be removed to restart the progress?
  • Is another step taking place outside of the branch, such as research or user testing?
  • Has the work been canceled or postponed?
  • Has the work been handed off to another team member?
  • Has the branch owner left the organization?

If you won't keep working on that branch, archive the branch to clean up your space and log progress for later reference.