Link a library

To use a library across multiple projects, link it to another project. You also need to sync the library’s project to your desktop before you can use it. Remember that any changes to a linked library impact all projects using that library.

Link a Sketch library to another project

To link a library to a project:

  1. Once you’ve created or imported a Sketch library, select your organization name in the top left corner.

  2. Select the project where you’d like to link the library.

  3. Click Main from the left side pane.

  4. Click Add File. (Note: in a new project, the Add File button doesn't appear until a file has been imported or created.)

  5. Select Link Library....

  6. In the left column, select the project where you've created or imported your Sketch library files.

  7. Use the shortcut ⌘+Click to select one or more library files you would like to link to this project.

  8. Click Link # Libraries.

It may take a few minutes for the symbols to appear in Sketch. Changes in your linked projects don't appear until you need to merge your library changes to the main branch.

If you link a library file from a private project to a different project, contributors need access to both projects before they can insert components from the library.

See also: Best Practices: Libraries