Sections within collections

This feature is only available on our Pro and Enterprise plans. Upgrade your plan to use collections.


Add structure and organization to your collections by creating sections. Sections are content blocks that enable you to include more context around the work in your Collections using text, links, images, and markup. Only project admins or the creator of the collection can create sections within the collection.

Create a new section

When creating a new section, a content block will be created below all of the current artboards. Text is required here to create the section and each section can be moved once created.

  1. Select the collection you’d like to edit.
  2. Click the ‘Add Section’ button at the top right.
  3. Add a title and a description.
  4. Click away from the content block to save the text.
    Note: the section will not be created unless there is text in the content block.
  5. Click and hold the content block and drag it to the desired position in the collection.

To delete a section:

  • Remove all text from the content block and click away from the block. This will remove the section and the artboards will be saved in the collection but not organized within a section.

Add or remove artboards in the section

There are two ways that artboards can be added to each section. You can use artboards that are already in the collection or add new artboards.

To add or remove artboards in each section:

  • Click and drag the artboards already present in the collection into the desired section.
  • Add new artboards by clicking the + or ‘Add New.’
  • Remove artboards by clicking the ‘x’ to remove the artboard from the collection or click and drag to move it to another section.