Note: Assets are not currently available for Adobe XD files.

You can export assets from Sketch using Abstract’s assets tool. We support all Sketch file formats and sizes.


How to create new assets from Sketch files

To create assets in Abstract:

  1. Open your Branch in the Abstract desktop app.
  2. Make changes to your Sketch file(s).
  3. Click Make Exportable in Sketch. 
  4. At the bottom of your Sketch window, click Commit changes.
  5. Go back to Abstract. (Assets appear in both the desktop and web apps.)
  6. Wait while assets are uploaded and the project is sync’d. You’ll see the Up to date status once the assets have uploaded.

How to download assets from Sketch files

To download assets from Abstract: 

  1. Open the Branch you just committed changes to.
  2. Select the Commits tab.
  3. Select your Commit.
  4. Select an artboard.
  5. Go to the Inspect tab at the top. The assets section will be in the bottom right sidebar.
  6. Select the layer you’d like to download in the left sidebar.
  7. Select which assets you’d like to download.
  8. Click Download selected or Download all.

How to manually generate assets from Sketch files

Assets are automatically generated for recently changed layers each time you commit. If your assets aren’t showing up automatically, try manually generating them.

To manually generate assets:

  1. Make changes to your Sketch file(s).
  2. Click Make exportable in Sketch. 
  3. At the bottom of your Sketch window, click Commit changes.
  4. Go back to Abstract. (Assets appear in both the desktop and web apps.)
  5. Right-click a file.
  6. Select Generate assets….

These assets will now appear in the Inspect tab, as outlined above.

I’m not seeing my assets anywhere.

Make sure that you made the items exportable in Sketch before committing.

Alternatively, you may need to select a different layer in the Inspect left sidebar. 

Finally, if the assets are still missing, you may need to manually generate the assets. Assets do not automatically generate for files just imported or for layers that haven’t recently changed.

The download buttons are missing.

If the Download selected or Download all buttons are missing in the Inspect tab, the project may not be not fully synced or assets could still be uploading. 

My project is out of sync because "Generating assets for commit" is failing.

When your assets fail to generate, you can clear your activity and try manually generating the assets again.

To clear your activity, click Out of Sync, right-click the failed job(s), then select Clear Activity. Your project should now be in sync.

Follow the instructions above to manually generate your assets.

How to edit project settings for asset generation

Assets will default to automatically generate on all branches. You can also set the project to generate assets on master only or disable automatic asset generation for the project. Only an admin can adjust the project settings.

  1. Locate the project card and click the … menu.
  2. Select Project Settings.
  3. Select the desired option from the Automatically generate assets drop-down menu.
  4. Click Save Changes.