Send an invitation

When inviting someone to Abstract, you'll need to decide whether you want to invite decide whether you want to invite them to join as a member of your organization or as a guest of a specific project.

Inviting someone to your Organization

When you invite someone to join your organization, they become a member. A member can access all public projects within an organization, excluding private projects.

There is a limit of 25 invitees per hour when using the invite via email option. If you have invited more than the limit during this time you will receive an error. 

Only administrators can add contributors because contributor seats are paid and impact billing.

To invite a new member to join your Abstract organization:

  1. Open the Abstract app (desktop or web).
  2. In the left side pane, click on the organization name.
  3. From the dropdown, select People & Teams.
  4. Click Invite People in the top right corner.
  5. In the Invite to Organization window, choose a viewer or contributor role. 
  6. Click Get Invite Link to generate a link or Invite via Email to send an email.

You will be prompted to confirm if you need to add additional seats to the account.

If the number of seats available will cover the number of contributors you are trying to invite, please be sure that the Add Contributor Seats toggle is disabled to prevent extra charges.


If there are not enough seats to complete the invite, enable the Add Contributor Seats toggle and choose the correct number of seats to be added.


Inviting someone to a specific Project

Guest invitations are only available for Business and Enterprise customers. Upgrade your plan to invite guests. Guests can only see the projects they are invited to, whether the project is public or private.

A guest is typically someone from outside your organization, such as a contractor or client, who only needs to see a portion of your organization's work. A guest can be a viewer or contributor.

To invite someone to a specific project:

  1. From the project card, click the three dots icon and select Members.
  2. Click on the Invite to Project button in the upper-right corner.
  3. Select Invite Guest and choose Guest Viewer or Guest Contributor.
  4. Use the form to add contributor seats, if applicable. 
  5. Click the Get Invite Link to generate a link, or click the Invite via Email to send an email.

For information on inviting users to Teams (only available on Enterprise plans) see: Teams