Send a bug report

If your issue isn’t covered in the Help Center, send us the debug reports within ~3 minutes of experiencing the issue. We've made this as easy as possible: 

  1. Open Abstract.
  2. Go to Help > Save Debug Logs
  3. Send this file to support with a description of what happened leading up to that moment.

The more details you are able to share about your experience, the better. 

  • Screencasts and screenshots can be incredibly helpful.
  • Unable to share visuals? Share as many details about what happened leading up to that moment as possible. 
  • What buttons did you click? 
  • What is the name of the organization, project, and branch?
  • What specifically happened? For example, did you see a seemingly endless loading wheel?
  • Are you blocked from working? 
  • What size files are you working with? 

The information you share with us about bugs can go a long way in helping us resolve them for everyone. We know it’s an extra step in your day. We sincerely appreciate your time and help.