Share a notebook for collaboration

Share notebooks with your team to create visibility around design work, collaborate on context, gather actionable feedback, and track decisions.

Every notebook has a shareable link you can send to team members and stakeholders. By default, this link can only be accessed by people who are part of your organization (or, for private projects, part of the project). When you share this kind of link with a colleague who does not have an Abstract account or is not a member of the private project, they need to request access to view the notebook.

However, you can change the sharing settings so that the shareable link works for anyone with the link, even if they don’t have an Abstract account. Sharing settings apply at the notebook level, so you can be selective about which notebooks are unlocked for open access viewing.

People who have an open access link but no Abstract account can leave comments and reviews. However, they can’t edit the contents of the notebook or view decisions.

Admins can disable public share links for their organizations. If pubic share links have been disabled for the organization whose notebooks you want to view, you must create an account and request access.

Get a shareable link

To get a link to your notebook:

  1. In the left side navigation, click Notebooks
  2. Click the name of the notebook you want to share.
  3. Check the sharing settings using the icon on the Share button:Sharing settings available are indicated on the share button: 'Only people in your organization can view this notebook,' 'Only people in this project can view this notebook,' or 'Anyone with the link can view this notebook.'
  4. If you’re comfortable with the share settings, click Share. If you’re not comfortable with the settings, you can change them.
  5. Paste and send the link to your teammates in email, Slack, or wherever you typically work together.

Change the sharing settings

By default, shareable links can only be accessed by people who are part of your organization (or, for private projects, part of the project). When these people log in to Abstract and view the notebook, they can edit the content and leave comments and reviews.

If you want to share links with people outside your organization or private project, you can change the sharing settings.

To change the sharing settings:

  1. In the upper right corner, click the dropdown next to the Share button.
  2. Click Change Sharing Settings.
  3. In the Sharing Settings pop-up, select whether you want to be able to share the notebook with people in the organization or project, or anyone with the link.
  4. Click Save.
  5. If you want to get a link with the new sharing settings, click Copy link to notebook in the Share menu.

You can also re-lock a notebook that shouldn’t be open access anymore. 💅

Share a notebook for review

When you would like to gather specific feedback and track a decision, you can invite others to the notebook by requesting a review. To learn more, see “Request a review of a notebook.”

View notebooks shared with you

Read “View notebooks shared with you” to learn more about requesting access to private projects or notebooks, and viewing notebooks shared with you.