Share a notebook for collaboration

Share a notebook for collaboration

Share notebooks with your team to create visibility around design work, collaborate on context, gather actionable feedback, and track decisions.

Every notebook you create can be shared with and viewed by all members in your organization. Members with contributor seats can also add and update content in a shared notebook, comment, and request or provide a review.

Get a shareable link

Each notebook has a shareable link that you can send to team members and stakeholders.

  1. In the left side navigation, click Notebooks. Notebooks_Home.png
  2. Click the name of the notebook you want to work in. Notebook_Select.png
  3. Click the link icon button in the upper right corner to copy the shareable notebook link to your clipboard.


Share a notebook for review

When you would like to gather specific feedback and track a decision, you can invite others to the notebook by requesting a review. To learn more, see “Request a review of a notebook.”

View notebooks shared with you

In the left side navigation, click Notebooks. Here you can view all notebooks to which you have access. Click the name of a notebook to view its contents. You can also view any shared notebooks that have been completed or archived. Notebooks_Home-full.png

If you are added as a reviewer to a notebook, you will receive an in-app notification. 

  1. Click on the notification icon top of the left navigation bar to view your notifications.
  2. Click on the notification in the dropdown to navigate to the shared notebook. Notebooks_Notifications.png