Create a new notebook

You can create a notebook to document designs, add context around the design process, and establish a space for feedback and decisions to be made.

Get access to a notebook

Each notebook is associated with a project in your Abstract organization. Notebooks can be archived, completed, or deleted by any other contributor user.

On the Free plan, any notebooks in the "Archived" or "Done" status are automatically deleted after 30 days. Upgrade your account or move your content to another format if you need to keep it.

Notebooks inherit the access levels of the project where they are currently stored. Thus, notebooks in a public project are available to all users in the organization while notebooks in private projects are only available to users who have been granted access to the private project.

Create a new notebook in the Abstract web app

  1. In the left sidebar of the Abstract web app, click Notebooks to navigate to the Notebooks Home screen.
  2. In the header bar, select New Notebook to create a blank notebook.
  3. If your team has multiple projects, a modal appears. Use the dropdown in the modal to select the project where you would like to create the new notebook.
  4. Click Create notebook.
  5. Type in a title.
  6. Select one of the available templates to save the new notebook.

Create a new notebook from the Abstract Notebooks plugin for Figma

  1. In Figma, right click on the canvas or use the dropdown menu to access your installed plugins.
  2. Select Abstract Notebooks from the plugins menu.
  3. (Optional) Select Figma frames, elements, or symbols to add them to your new notebook.
  4. Click New Notebook in the modal to enter the notebook creation workflow.
  5. Type a name for the new notebook.
  6. From the Select a project... dropdown, select a project for the notebook to be placed in.
  7. Click Create notebook.