Request a review of a notebook

Requesting a review in a notebook allows all team members to gain visibility into the design process, provide clear feedback, and contribute their decisions. Designers can use reviews to collect approvals and change requests, actively respond to feedback, and establish a record of decisions made around the design work.

With Abstract Notebooks, you can run multiple review cycles per notebook which empowers your team to get feedback quickly by reviewing the right context at the right time. Reviews can be started and finished at any time, and can include different people depending on the context and intent. Each new review cycle is added to the top of the notebook.

All users with a contributor seat can begin a review cycle in any notebook by creating a review request. Once a review cycle has been started, team members can add individual reviews and comments. 

Notebooks doesn't save your review request until you click Request Review. If you navigate away from the notebook before sending the review request, the review block is removed.

Create a review in a notebook

  1. In the left side navigation, click Notebooks.
  2. Click the name of the notebook you want to work in.
  3. Under the title of the notebook, click the Request review button.
  4. Add a title (required) and a description (optional) to the new review block in your notebook.  
  5. Click the Add Reviewers icon to add reviewers to the review request.
  6. Use the search bar or scroll in the dropdown menu to find users. Click anywhere on the user’s name or avatar to add them as a reviewer.
  7. After you have added the details and reviewers, click Request Review to notify the reviewers that your work is open for feedback.

When you send the review request, all added reviewers receive an in-app notification and an email requesting their review.

Add or remove reviewers

You can add or remove requested reviewers at any point in time while requesting a review or while a review is in progress. Added reviewers can post comments or review decisions. They also receive in-app and email notifications to remind them that their feedback has specifically been requested.

Note: If one of the requested reviewers has already posted a review, removing them from the reviewers list does not remove the history of their feedback in the review. However, it does remove their ability to post an updated review.

  1. If you have already requested a review cycle, click on the review block at the top of the notebook to open the right sidebar with the review details. If you are still writing your review request, the panel is already open and you can skip to step 2.
  2. Click the plus button next to the list of reviewers to manage requested reviewers.
  3. To add a new or additional reviewer, type in the search box or scroll in the dropdown to find and click their name.
  4. To remove a reviewer, go to the bottom of the dropdown where you can see the current reviewers. Hover over their name to show the X icon and click it to remove them.