Get metrics for your notebooks

Insights is an Abstract Notebooks feature that provides teams with metrics directly related to the organization’s notebooks. Teams can benefit from a high-level overview of their notebooks and quickly answer “Who’s doing what, where?” at a glance.

The goal of insights is to help design leaders improve their design processes to be more efficient and effective by providing quantitative data that creates an easy way to measure the health of the team’s projects or to monitor the productivity of project contributors and helps leaders make more informed design process decisions.

Insights allows design leaders to anticipate project velocity by providing data on which notebooks are currently being worked on and their status, as well as how work is distributed across the team.

Contributors can use the data provided by insights to track their progress and have visibility into what their team is working on and how their work aligns with their colleagues’ work.

Only admins and contributors have access to the Insights page. Viewers do not have access.