Insights dashboard

Insights dashboard

Insights provides teams with metrics related to notebook and contributor activity. The dashboard shows data that represents what the team has been working on, items that need attention, and individual contributor activity.

The data shown reflects activity from the past seven days. These dates are listed in the upper right corner of the Insights page.


Notebooks that require your attention

Notebooks that require additional attention will be listed in the attention block at the top of the dashboard when:

  • Any notebook in the organization that you have access to that has a review which has not been closed for two or more days.
  • There is no recorded activity inside the listed notebook for five or more days. 
  • The first time the status of a notebook is reset to a previously set status. This alert is resolved once the notebook proceeds to a new status.

To view the notebook that requires attention, click on the name of the notebook in the attention block to open in full view. 

If there are more than three alerts, you can click See more notebooks that require attention… You may need to click this more than once to pull up all of the alerts depending on the number of notebooks that require attention.


Only notebooks in open status are included in the attention block and are updated once daily.

Overview of notebooks activity

In the dashboard, there is an overview of the organization’s notebook activity. This section shows up-to-date counts of the notebook activities across the organization as well as the change in activity since the previous week. 

The types of activities listed are:

  • Notebooks created
  • Reviews opened
  • Reviews closed
  • Notebooks closed (this number includes notebooks with Done and Archived statuses)


Activity panels

Included in the insights dashboard are two columns representing notebooks activity and contributor activity. The notebooks panel represents data on all of the notebooks in the organization regardless of their status. The contributors panel includes data on individual contributor activity across all notebooks in the organization.

Pie charts

Pie charts represent the activity for each notebook or individual contributor. The color slices show the types of activity, the size of slices display activity balance, and the size of the full pie shows the volume of overall activity relative to other pies in the list. An open circle means that there has been no activity in the notebook in the last 7 days.

The activity blocks are defaulted to display by most to least activity. You can change this to view the activity from least to most by selecting the desired order from the dropdown next to the heading of that panel. This can be adjusted for both Notebooks and Contributors activity panels. Only the first 20 results will show for each column.


The charts are color coded by activity to create an easy way to differentiate between the activity type. As a quick reference, you can click the arrow in the bottom right corner of the window to open and close the legend.

Orange: Design - when artboards are imported and updated via the plug-in.

Blue: Edits - any edits made to the notebook title, status, and contents. An edit consists of 5 minutes of activity.

Yellow: Comments - any comments made in a notebook.

Green: Reviews - all review activities are included.


Hovering your cursor over a pie chart will pull up a display of the breakdown of activities for the selected notebook or contributor. 

Notebooks activity panel

The Notebooks section provides information about who is working in the notebook as well as a counted breakdown of activities.

To view the breakdown, hover over the pie chart associated with the desired notebook.


To view the active contributors in a notebook, you can hover over the avatars. The first five contributors will be shown with a count of additional contributors to the right of the avatars. Only contributors with notebook activity in the last 7 days will be listed.


To view the notebook in full view, hover over the row of the notebook and click the arrow to the right of the notebook name.


The project in which the notebook resides is listed below the notebook name, and the icon to the left of the notebook name denotes its current status.

Contributors activity panel

The Contributors activity panel provides more detail about contributors in your organization and their activities across all notebooks. 

By hovering over the pie chart, you can view the breakdown of design updates, notebook edits, comments posted, and reviews created by each active contributor. The list defaults to showing the contributors starting with the most activity and can be adjusted in the dropdown.

Any teams in which the contributor is a member are listed below the contributor’s name.


Email notifications

A weekly email update will be sent out on Mondays that provides an overview of the notebook activity in each organization. Emails are sent out to any contributors or admins in the organization that subscribe to receive the Weekly Abstract Summary.

Each email will provide information about:

  • Notebooks that require attention due to outstanding reviews, inactivity, or a notable change in status.
  • The most active notebooks in the last week.
  • General activity counts in the last week such as notebooks that have been opened or closed, and reviews that have opened or closed.

Manage weekly summary

To manage notifications:

  1. Open the Abstract app (desktop or web).
  2. Click on your avatar in the upper right corner of the desktop app or the bottom left corner of the web app.
  3. Select Personal Settings.
  4. In the left side bar, select Notifications.
  5. Toggle Weekly Abstract Summary on or off based on your preference.