Install the Abstract Notebooks GitHub app

With the GitHub app for Abstract Notebooks, feedback and updates from designers and developers can be visible across their essential platforms. The GitHub app uses rich links to provide contextual information between design and development.

To enable the GitHub app, you must be an admin for both GitHub and Abstract. Admins can set up the GitHub app for their Abstract organization.

Learn about the GitHub app

With the GitHub app, you can provide relevant context from GitHub directly in your notebooks. Pasting a GitHub link into a notebook shows names and statuses from GitHub issues and pull requests so you can clearly see how the design is being implemented.

You can also paste a notebook URL into a GitHub issue or pull request. Links to a notebook within the integrated GitHub organization unfurl, showing the notebook status and review state so that the design work related to the engineering effort is visible.

Install the app

You can install the app from Abstract or GitHub.

An Abstract Notebooks organization can only be connected to one GitHub organization, and vice versa.

Install from Abstract

  1. Open the Abstract web application.
  2. In the left side navigation, click on the organization name.
  3. Click Organization settings
  4. Click the Integrations tab.
  5. Click Connect on the GitHub integration.
  6. Log into GitHub.
  7. If you have more than one GitHub organization, choose the GitHub organization you'd like to integrate with Abstract.
  8. Authorize Abstract to access all All repositories or Only select repositories. (If you choose Only select repositories, choose the specific repositories you want Abstract to access.)
  9. Click Install & Authorize.

Install from GitHub

  1. Navigate to the GitHub Marketplace and search for goabstract.
  2. Click Set up a plan.
  3. Click Install it for free.
  4. Click Complete order and begin installation.
  5. Select the Abstract organization you'd like to integrate with GitHub.
  6. Authorize Abstract to access all or some of your GitHub organization's repositories.
  7. Click Install & Authorize. GitHub redirects you to Abstract.
  8. Choose which Abstract organization you’d like to connect.

After you’ve connected to your Abstract organization, Abstract opens the Organization Settings screen. There, you can see details about the GitHub integration, including the state of the connection and the installation ID.