Track reviews and decisions

Notebooks reviews make it easy for your team to solicit feedback, track who has provided comments and reviews, respond to feedback and manage changes, and quickly understand the status of current and past reviews.

Decisions provide your team with clarity on what was approved in a review and allow you to track how the work evolved across multiple reviews and decisions. You can also use decisions to document feedback and milestones gathered outside of Notebooks.


Understand the review block

Each review that you request in a notebook creates a review block at the top of the page. You can gain a high level summary about a review from this block without needing to open or read the full review.

This review summary includes:

  • A visual indicator of the overall status of the review
  • The title of the review request
  • A count of the total number of responses, approvals, and change requests given
  • A time stamp of the most recent update to the review (including comments and edits)
  • A visual list of the reviewers
  • A color-coded border around reviewer avatars to display their individual review status

Find open reviews

You can use the Reviews page to keep track of the review requests in notebooks that are relevant to you. This allows you to quickly get an overview of all notebooks you've requested others to review, all notebooks you’ve been assigned to review, and all of your requested reviews that have been closed. Use this area to track reviews you need from other team members and reviews that have been requested of you.

You can filter the Reviews page by reviews that have been requested of you and are awaiting your feedback, reviews you have opened and requested of others, and reviews you have completed.

The Reviews page also provides some basic information about each of these review requests so that you can understand the current status of the notebook and the review before having to navigate to them. This includes the:

  • Title
  • Name of creator
  • Project
  • Last updated
  • List of reviewers
  • Status of each person's review
  • Name of requester

Check review status

You can quickly check the status of any review by looking at the review block at the top of a notebook.

Review statuses include:

  • Grey with clock icon - no feedback has been received
  • Grey with thumbs up icon - at least one (1) reviewer has approved
  • Orange with diamond icon - at least one (1) reviewer has requested changes
  • Green with thumbs up icon - all requested reviewers have approved


Track feedback on a review

With notebook reviews you can view both a summary and details about what feedback has been provided.

In the review block at the top of the notebook, you can see a count of the total number of comments, approvals, and change requests that have been made in the review. This allows you to understand whether your team members have seen and responded to the review request and if there is outstanding feedback that you have yet to address.

Click on the review block to open the right sidebar and view a history of every comment, approval, and change request in the review. Each post shows the responder’s name, their review status, any commentary they have added, and a timestamp so you always know who has responded and what their most recent feedback is.


Understand next steps during a review 

Notebooks reviews record feedback and surface results for you so that it’s easy for you and your team to understand what to do next.


When your review has no responses

If you have requested a review from your team members and you see that there are no reviews or missing reviews, this is a great time to nudge your stakeholders to review your work. Everyone who is added as a reviewer on a review request receives in-app and email notifications to let them know that there’s work they need to see. They also receive email reminders once a week if they do not leave a review.


When your review has change requests

Any time that someone requests changes in their review, the status of the review updates to reflect that there are outstanding requests. This status summary only changes to one of the other statuses if that team member changes their review to “approved” or they are removed from the list of reviewers.

The change request status can act like a progress checklist because it allows you to see exactly which feedback you haven’t addressed. You can open the review to read the comments and change requests, and then you can update the designs and documentation in your notebook as necessary. When you’re finished, you can mention the appropriate stakeholders in a comment once you’ve made the changes. This allows everyone to keep track of updates and have clarity on the updates and decisions made.


When your review is approved

When all of the requested reviewers have approved your work, take a moment to celebrate. This shows with clarity that a decision has been reached and that you can continue to the next stage of your work.


When your review has been closed

A review can be closed by the creator of the review at any time, regardless of the review status. Once a review is closed, it cannot be edited, commented on, or reviewed again. However, the existing history of comments and reviews is always visible.

When you see a review that has been closed, you can confidently move on to the next step of your process knowing that your team has reached a decision on this review.

Add decisions to summarize reviews and mark milestones

After you have gathered feedback, addressed change requests, and obtained approvals, you can close your review and add a decision. With decisions you can condense the feedback from your reviews, as well as any feedback or commentary from outside of Notebooks, into the description so that your team has clarity on what was approved and finalized.

A decision includes:


  • Decisions section title and counter
  • Flag icon indicating that it is a decision
  • Name of the decision
  • Creator of the decision and a timestamp
  • Show/hide description arrow
  • “View all” option