Branches + Notebooks = Abstract

To make our product offerings more clear for new and current customers, we are updating the name of our version control product to Branches. It is still the same version control and handoff tool that you’ve relied on all along, simply now with new branding. 

Customers using the existing Abstract product—now called Branches—can continue using the product you love without interruption.

Abstract is also releasing Notebooks, a designer-specific platform where teams can gather requirements, review designs, and continuously measure what works. 

Existing Abstract Branches customers

Current Branches customers can continue using their Abstract account and all the features they have been using. We are not making changes to plans or subscription pricing for current active customers. If you'd like to upgrade or downgrade from your current plan, get in touch with your Customer Success Manager or contact support.

We are deprecating our Starter plan for all new customers. Importantly, this change only affects new teams signing up to Abstract. All current customers on the Starter plan can keep using the Starter plan at your current subscription price for as long as you’d like. 

Your existing Abstract account doesn't automatically have access to Notebooks. To sign up for Notebooks, visit our Notebooks sign up page.

The future of Abstract Branches

Abstract has been a powerful tool to version, manage, and document your designs for years. We'll continue supporting and investing in Branches for all of our customers.