Learn about Notebooks integrations

Notebooks integrations expand and deepen the power of your notebooks. Our integrations allow you to bring in work directly from your design tool to give more clarity to your notebook. You can also use integrations to expand the conversation to stakeholders outside of your team. These make your designs clearer and more contextual, bringing relevant information to where it’s needed and keeping you in your flow.

Integrate Notebooks with Figma and Sketch

The Figma and Sketch plugins for Abstract Notebooks give you the power to content directly from your design tool to any of your notebooks. Check out our articles on installing the Figma plugin and Sketch plugin, as well the articles on adding and updating content from Figma and from Sketch.

Integrate Notebooks with GitHub

The GitHub app for Abstract Notebooks automatically unfurls links between GitHub and Abstract. Pasting an Abstract Notebook link in a GitHub issue or pull request unfurls the link in GitHub so that teams using GitHub have immediate context and access to the conversation in your notebook. Similarly, links to GitHub pull requests unfurl in Abstract Notebooks, showing the status of the pull request so that people reviewing the notebook have more context around the work being done. Install the app in your GitHub organization and immediately add more information and context to your notebooks and pull requests.

Integrate Notebooks with Jira

The Jira integration for Notebooks provides an easy way to bring relevant information from your team’s Jira work directly into your notebooks. With the Jira integration enabled for Abstract, you can create rich links between work in Jira and Abstract by automatically unfurling information about Jira tickets. This integration is available for Jira Cloud. Install the Jira integration for Abstract to start linking your Notebooks and Jira content.

Integrate Notebooks with Slack

The Notebooks Slack integration allows teams to post review requests to Slack on a per-project and per-review basis. With the Slack integration enabled for Abstract, you can easily create links for review requests that will unfurl in Slack to help communicate the need for feedback. Admins can set default Slack channels in which review requests will automatically post, seamlessly keeping stakeholders in the loop when work is ready for review.