Install the Abstract Notebooks plugin for Figma

You can insert frames, individual elements, and symbols directly into a notebook with the Abstract Notebooks plugin for Figma. You can share your work and provide design updates without leaving Figma. 

Anyone with edit access to a Figma file can install and run the Abstract plugin. You also need a contributor seat in Abstract in order to edit a notebook and add content.

To learn more about how to insert content from Figma after you have installed the Abstract plugin, see “Use the Abstract Notebooks plugin for Figma.” 

Find and install the Abstract plugin in the Figma community

The Abstract Notebooks plugin works with both the Figma browser and desktop applications.

  1. Open the Abstract Notebooks plugin resource page.
  2. Click Install at the top right of the page.

Connect the Abstract plugin to your account

When you run the Abstract Notebooks plugin for the first time, you need to authorize the plugin to access to your Abstract account. If you do not yet have an Abstract account, you can request access in the plugin.

  1. Navigate to one of your Figma files.
  2. In Figma, right click on the canvas or use the dropdown menu to access your installed plugins.
  3. Select Abstract from the plugins menu.
  4. In the plugin, select Sign In

  5. The Abstract for Figma plugin opens in a new browser tab. Sign in to the Abstract web app with your user credentials.

  6. Click Authorize to connect the Figma plugin to your Abstract account.
  7. Close the tab to continue working in Figma.