About Notebooks reviews and decisions

Abstract Notebooks is a tool that enables designers to create and present context around the team’s work and establish design decisions without leaving the browser. Each individual notebook contains reviews that help you get structured feedback on your work and decisions that mark milestones and progress. With Notebooks reviews you can confidently facilitate design discussions, collect feedback, and record the results for further action. Decisions provide your team with clarity on what was approved in a review and allow you to track how the work evolved across multiple reviews and decisions.

About reviews

Notebook reviews make it easier for designers to stay in flow while maintaining progress on their project’s goals and keeping their teams updated on their work. Requesting a review in a notebook is a great way to review designs, gather clear feedback, discuss alternatives, and take action as a team. Notebooks keep design and documentation organized in one place so that everyone has access to the same information at the same time; now you can get directly to the conversations that drive work forward.

Notebook reviews empower your team to gather the most relevant feedback by separating reviews into multiple individual cycles so that you can review the right context at the right time. Review cycles can be started and finished at any time, and can include different people depending on the context and intent.

To learn more about reviews, see “Request a review of a notebook.”

About decisions

Marking a decision allows you to condense feedback from notebook reviews and other conversations into a single outcome that moves your work forward.

Decisions provide your team with clarity on what was approved in a review and allow you to track how the work evolved across multiple reviews and decisions.

To learn more about decisions, see "Record decisions in Notebooks."

Use reviews and decisions

Notebooks are collaborative, so any contributor user who has access to a notebook can request a review on the notebook, post a comment on its contents, and record decisions.

Designers and design managers can use reviews to solicit feedback at specific points throughout the design process, collect approvals and change requests, actively respond to critiques, and track the decisions made. You can add or remove reviewers at any point to ensure that the right stakeholders are notified and included at the appropriate time.

Project managers, engineers, and other stakeholders can contribute comments and reviews without the need to navigate the drawing tool.

Each review cycle in a notebook has its own thread so that you can easily track the progress of the review in context. By default, only the most recent review and most recent decision are shown. If there are multiple reviews or decisions, you can view them by clicking View all to expand the block.

You can use the Reviews page to keep track of review requests in Notebooks that are relevant to you and view a basic overview of all of these reviews at once. See “Track reviews and decisions” to learn more. Reviews also provide a summary of the responses so that you quickly see the overall status of the review cycle. Decisions enable you to understand when a decision has been reached.