Jumpstart your process with templates

Abstract Notebooks has built-in templates so that you can skip the blank page and quickly transition from documenting your work to requesting feedback and reviews.

When creating any new notebook in Abstract, you can use the available templates to jumpstart your process rather than starting from scratch. We’ve crafted several templates around the best practices used in common design workflows to save you time while structuring and documenting your work. With a single click, you can build a notebook with a relevant outline that you can update and fill with your own content.

Anyone with a contributor role in Abstract can create notebooks using templates.

Explore the default templates

Product Design Project

The product design template contains all the structure you need to document, discuss, and make decisions about a product initiative. This notebook template provides areas to include your user problem, goals, success metrics, and technical requirements as well as design assets like user flows, wireframes, and high fidelity mockups.

Use this template to collaborate with your team on new product ideas, features, improvements, and stakeholder reviews.

Brand Design Project

The brand design template allows you to collaborate on any design project that involves a branding effort. It includes structure for you to note the project’s goals, scope, deliverables and timeline as well as gather brand design elements such as inspiration and suggested solutions.

Use the brand design template to get feedback on website designs, social media or ad campaigns, marketing projects with design elements, and other design projects that require branding expertise.

UX Writing Project

The UX writing project template provides a space for your team to gather designs and text in one place to discuss, iterate, and review them as a cohesive unit. This template helps you outline the goals of the UX copy, provide guidance on tone and voice, align copy suggestions with the designs in context, and document the final copy decisions.

Use the UX writing template with your team to review and approve any projects that include a copywriting effort.

Design Component Spec

The design component spec template outlines the important details about a design element so that you can share specifications on new or updated components in your design system. In this template you can document component properties and their variants, provide visual examples, call out any dependencies and accessibility considerations, make note of what content can be included in the component and how to format it, and share guidance on how to use and implement the component.

The design component spec template can be used to document existing design system components and to gather feedback and review proposals for new or updated components.

User Research Report

The user research report template helps you plan and document a user research initiative. The template contains sections to explain the background of the project and its goals, record your research questions and methods, describe the participant profile, and discuss the findings, recommendations, results and next steps.

Use the user research report template to collaborate with your team on any user research effort and create a single place for gathering data.

Create custom templates

Administrators in your organization can create custom templates tailored to your team’s process and documentation style to save you time when starting a new initiative. Read our guide about creating and using custom templates.

Start a new notebook with a template

  1. In the left sidebar of the Abstract web app, click Notebooks to navigate to the Notebooks Home screen.
  2. In the header bar, select New Notebook to create a blank notebook.
  3. If your team has multiple projects, a modal appears. Use the dropdown in the modal to select the project where you would like to create the new notebook.
  4. Click Create notebook.
  5.  Select one of the available templates to save the new notebook.