Track changes in a notebook

Abstract Notebooks enables you to create and track context around your team’s design process. With Notebooks, you can view and follow when designs, documentation, comments, feedback, and decisions change.

View activity in a notebook


Notebooks are a collaborative space, which means that you may be working together with many different people in the same notebook. You can use the activity panel to view and track the changes that each team member makes in your notebook.

The activity panel tells you what changes were made in the notebook, when they were made, and who made them. You can also hover over any entry in the activity panel to see a detailed timestamp of the update.

Activities that are tracked:

  • Created the notebook
  • Changed the notebook’s title
  • Changed the notebook’s status
  • Marked a notebook as Archived or Done
  • Updated content of the notebook
  • Left a comment
  • Requested a review
  • Added or removed reviewers
  • Left a review
  • Updated a review

To view notebook activity:

  1. Navigate to the notebook that you want to view.
  2. Click the activity icon button in the upper right corner to open the activity panel.

View updated designs


When you have added frames, artboards, and other selections from Figma or Sketch into your notebook with the Notebooks plugin, you will be able to track how those screens change over time. Any time you update an embedded design element through the plugin, you will see a highlight and timestamp around the updated designs so that you can always find the most recent updates.

View new and unread comments


Commenting in a notebook is a great way to collaborate with your teammates. When someone leaves a comment in your notebook you will receive an in-app notification, but you can also get a quick glance at new comments in the notebook itself. 

All new comments are outlined with a yellow box to indicate that there are unread comments available. You can re-read and respond to previous comments that you have already read, but the team member icons will turn grey after you view a comment thread so that you can focus on new comments.