Move a notebook

Notebooks are living documents where you and your teammates collaborate throughout the design process. Admins and contributors can move active notebooks to different projects in the organization to keep the collaboration going as projects change and work progresses. For example:

  • Start ideating in a private project, then move the notebook to a public project to invite your teammates and get feedback.
  • Start a notebook in one project, then bring it with you to a new project to keep the context.
  • Move notebooks to new projects to reorganize if scope changes.

You can only move notebooks to and from projects that you have access to. You cannot move notebooks that are marked as done or archived.

To move a notebook to a different project:

  1. Navigate to the notebook that you would like to move.
  2. In the header bar, click the More Options icon.
  3. Click Change Project…
  4. Use the dropdown to select the project you want to move the notebook to.

  5. Click Change Project.

After you have moved your notebook, you can view the notebook in the new project. Anyone who has access to the new project can view, comment, and edit the notebook.