Stay organized with Abstract Home

Abstract Home is a centralized hub for your organization’s notebooks. It provides an overview of your recent work and things that need your attention. It is personalized to your account so you can go directly to the work that matters most. From Home, you can quickly see and navigate to notebooks you’ve been working on most recently, take a glance at outstanding notebook review requests, and sort notebooks you’ve created.

Return to recently viewed notebooks

The Recent Notebooks section of Abstract Home gives you immediate access to the work that’s relevant to you right now. It shows the last eight notebooks you have viewed across all of your projects. Click on any of these cards to navigate back to the notebook so you can pick up right where you left off.

Each card in the Recent Notebooks section shows you a preview of the:

  • Notebook title
  • Notebook author
  • Date the notebook was last updated
  • Project name
  • People who have interacted with the notebook
  • Date you last viewed the notebook

Manage your notebook review requests

Abstract Home also helps you keep track of outstanding review requests on notebooks so you can provide feedback on the notebooks where people are waiting on your response. In the Notebooks Review Requests section, you can see the five most recent notebook review requests you have been added to and click on them to navigate to the review. This section updates when you approve or request changes, when the review is closed, and when the notebook is archived or marked as done. This helps you stay focused on active reviews that are waiting on your feedback.


In the Notebooks Review Requests section, each card shows the:

  • Title of the review request
  • Name of the person who created the review request
  • Name of the notebook where the review request originated
  • Date and time when the review was last edited by the creator
  • List of people who have been requested as reviewers
  • Status of each reviewer’s feedback
  • Name of the person who requested your feedback on the review
  • Date and time that you were added to the review

Sort and filter your notebooks

Abstract Home is also a central location to find both public and private notebooks that you have created. If you have a contributor seat you can see the Your Notebooks section, where you can view a list of notebooks that you have authored. You can sort them by when they were created or updated, or filter them by status to find work at specific stages and continue your progress.

  • Click on one of the status indicators to filter Your Notebooks to those with that status.
  • Click the Recently Updated dropdown to sort by date created or date updated.
  • Click a notebook preview card to navigate to that notebook.