Record decisions in Notebooks

Using reviews and decisions together makes it easier to gather feedback on your work and keep your teams updated on milestones.

  • Requesting a review in a notebook is a great way to review designs, gather clear feedback, discuss alternatives, and take action as a team.
  • Marking a decision lets you condense the feedback into a single outcome that moves your work forward.

Decisions give your team clarity on what was approved in a review and help you to track how the work evolved across multiple reviews and decisions. You can also use decisions to document feedback and milestones gathered outside of Notebooks.

Each decision you mark in a notebook creates a decision block at the top of the page. By default, only the most recent decision is shown. If there are multiple decisions, you can click View all to expand the block. You can see a count of the total number of decisions next to the section title, which lets you know that there are more decisions to view.

A decision includes:


  • Decisions section title and counter
  • Flag icon indicating that it is a decision block
  • Name of the decision
  • Creator of the decision and a timestamp
  • Show/hide description arrow
  • “View all” option

If desired, you can include a description of the decision to provide details about it. This description is hidden by default; click the arrow to the far right of the decision block to view it. If there is no arrow on the block, the creator did not include a description.

Add a decision to a notebook

Decisions can only be created by contributors, but can be seen by all users.

Once added, decisions cannot be edited.

To mark a decision in a notebook:

  1. Navigate to a notebook where you want to mark a decision.
  2. Click Add decision.
  3. In the modal, write a decision title (required) and description (optional).
  4. Click Save decision.

Delete a decision

We've all been there — plans sometimes go awry and we need to reverse our decisions. When the need arises, you can delete a previous decision and discuss further or leave a new decision.

There's no limit to the number of decisions you can leave on a notebook. Because of this, even if a decision is reversed, it can be helpful to leave it on the record for context. Work with your team to develop documentation around when it's appropriate to delete a decision and when it's better to leave an old decision on the record.

To delete a decision:

  1. Navigate to the notebook where you want to delete a decision.

  2. On the decision, click the More Options icon.

  3. Choose Delete.

  4. Confirm your decision to permanently delete the notebook decision by clicking Delete.

Notebooks deletes the decision.