Use Abstract with Sketch Workspaces

If you’re running Sketch version 71 or higher and you save a file to Sketch Workspaces, Abstract displays a warning that the file has moved. This is because, when you save a file to Sketch Workspaces, that file moves off your computer and onto the Sketch Workspaces servers. This removes the file from Abstract, so Abstract can’t see or capture your commits anymore. To resolve this, we need to move the file back onto your computer. (Don’t worry, you can still save changes to Sketch Workspaces.)

To move your file back into Abstract, click Fix in the warning message. Your system closes Sketch and reopens it. Your file has been moved back into Abstract and you can branch and commit as needed.

Once you have made the changes you wanted to track in Abstract, save your changes to Sketch Workspaces.

To save your changes to Sketch Workspaces:

  1. In the Sketch app toolbar, click Collaborate.
  2. In the Send to Workspace pop-over, click Update Document….
  3. Sketch warns that you're about to overwrite files. The file you'll overwrite is the existing file on Sketch Workspaces. If you want to continue with the save, click Update anyway.

Sketch updates the file in Sketch Workspaces. You can now see the changes in your browser.