Explore the history of your designs

As you iterate on your designs, it can be hard to keep all the context in one place. Why did you make that change again? Where's the comment with the really great feedback? What iteration was it even on?

Design history helps solve these problems. As you update your notebook with designs, the newest design iteration appears in your notebook for discussion and review. Meanwhile, the historical designs for that iteration are captured in the lightbox.

Anyone can see historical designs, and if you're a contributor in your organization, you can create and update historical designs as well.

Create a historical record of your design

Once you've added a design to your notebook from Figma, FigJam, and Sketch, you can begin to capture its history as you make changes.

When you're ready to share changes with your team, update the design in Figma, FigJam, or Sketch. Notebooks captures the update and displays it in your notebook. You can update a design as many times as you want. When you view the design history, your notebook displays the historical designs you added in order from newest to oldest.

Design history is purely linear — you can't set a "main" iteration. Use the most recent design as the one you want to discuss or review with your team. If your team needs to choose between two iterations of a design, consider placing them side by side on a single line. Then, when you've chosen the one to keep, update the design history for that iteration as you move forward with additional iterations.

View design history

You can only view design history on browsers at least 960 pixels wide. This means you can't view design history on mobile. On browsers less than 960 pixels wide, only the most recent design appears in your notebook.

Any design with an update you haven't seen is marked with a green border. Double click the design to open it in the lightbox and see its history. Once you open the design in the lightbox, the green border disappears.

The lightbox shows:

  • Your design
  • Comments and annotations associated with the design
  • Design history entries

To view a design's history:

  1. Open a notebook with a design you want to see the history for.
  2. Double click the design. The most recent historical record for that design appears in the lightbox.
  3. Use the ⬆️ and ⬇️ keys on your keyboard to move record by record through the history. You can also click a specific historical design to see it.
    • Use the ⬇️ key to move to older design records
    • Use the ⬆️ key to move to more recent records

The history and comments are those associated with the design in the lightbox. Use the ⬅️ and ➡️ keys on your keyboard to see other designs or images positioned in the same row in the notebook. Each design will show the most recent design history record when you navigate to it.

Delete a design

You can't delete individual historical designs. Instead, if you delete a design, it removes all historical records of the design at once.

To delete a design:

  1. Open a notebook with the design you want to delete.
  2. Click the design.
  3. Press Delete on your keyboard.
  4. Click Delete in the modal to confirm you want to delete the designs and its history.