Resolve a pending commit

A pending commit is any commit that hasn't successfully pushed to the Abstract servers and isn't yet available to your colleagues. It's normal for commits to appear as pending in the commit history for a few minutes before they successfully push. Any subsequent commits queue behind the pending commit until it pushes up successfully.

If a commit is pending for over 15 minutes, try the following steps to check your connection. In order to help isolate the cause, it’s best to try each step individually and wait for the servers to push for a few minutes before trying the next option.

  • Check for VPNs, proxies, firewalls, or other network tools.
    • Keep only the tools that you would typically use connected and disconnect all others.
  • Try connecting to a different network if one is available.
  • If you're currently connected to a wireless network, try using an ethernet connection.
  • If you have access, reboot your modem and router. (If not, contact your IT department for help.)
  • Log out of Abstract and reboot your machine.

If you've checked your connections and your commit still won't push:

If the pending commit will not resolve after checking the scenarios noted above, contact Support.