A team is a grouping of projects and people with different permission levels (user roles) for the projects within that team. Teams, upon creation, are empty by default.

Who can create teams? 

Only organization admins can create teams.

Because a team is empty initially, the organization admin must add a member and assign them as the team admin. If a team loses a team admin, any organization admin can administer a team, but does not become a team member by default.

Who can add members to teams?

Organization admins and team admins.

A user can be a member of one or multiple teams. Joining a team results in automatically also having access to all projects within that team.

Before joining the team, users are able to see only public projects. Once the user is a member of the team, they can see private projects as well where the team has access.

How are projects added to teams?

A project admin will be able to define whether a project belongs to a team or not.

As the project admin you’ll be able to assign your project to a particular team, and then everyone in that team has access to it. You can then determine if the team would have view or edit access to the project. When a project is assigned to a team, it should still be visible in the ‘Projects’ section unless made private.

Note: Organizational level roles would still apply, i.e. if a team is allowed to edit the project but a team member only has an organization viewer role, then they are still a viewer on the project.

How to create a team

  1. Click People & Teams in the left side pane.
  2. Select the Teams tab.
  3. Click CREATE A TEAM.
  4. Name your team and select a team color.
  5. Click SAVE.

How to add team members

  1. Click People & Teams in the left side pane.
  2. Select the Teams tab.
  3. Click on the team card.
  4. Click ADD MEMBERS.
  5. Choose to add organization members or invite guests.

How to edit or remove team members

  1. To edit member permissions, click the “…” on the user card and select Team Admin or Team Member.
  2. To remove a team member, click Remove from team… and follow the prompts.

How to delete a team

  1. Select the team card from the People & Teams tab and select Settings.
  2. Click DELETE TEAM and follow the prompts.